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The Freight Market Intelligence Consortium gives shippers deep visibility into European truckload freight, with benchmarks and forecast reports based on data from DAT iQ. Measure and maximize your procurement strategies and transportation budgets with the deepest source of transportation data available, with FMIC's comprehensive information spanning Europe as well as Turkey and Russia.

Trusted benchmarks, measurable results

Compare your freight network against the market

Our proprietary benchmarking approach leverages your actual shipment data, so you receive detailed reports of your specific network. Available for both Europe and North America, FMIC members can benchmark performance by lane, carrier and geography as well as weekly trends by mode, carrier and industry, which highlight the impact of procurement efforts and changes due to market dynamics.

The most accurate pricing tools

Access to leading technology and analytics

Every FMIC Europe member receives access to pricing tools and market rate estimaters. You can also access this data through cloud-based visualization and business intelligence tools (powered by Tableau) as well as REST-based APIs for integration into your transportation management system (TMS) or other software.

Unique market insights

Subscriptions include shipper consortium membership

FMIC Europe members take part in in-depth surveys and reports, so you'll get exclusive insight into everything from operations and procurement strategies to technology, accessorials and fuel management, plus special reports to help you anticipate and plan your transportation operations.

Trucks In Parking Lot

Giovanni Prosperuzzi

Head of Sales, FMIC Europe & Russia

An engineer and business development professional, Giovanni has helped grow the FMIC shipper Consortium in Europe over the past two years. Previously, he was a freight logistics broker which provided him with a keen understanding of the complex relationships between carriers, shippers and brokers.

Today, Giovanni prides himself on the benefits the Consortium brings to shippers, specifically the insights on rates and trends that help shippers’ freight procurement activity in Europe, Russia and Turkey.

Tomaso Montagna

Head of Product, FMIC Europe & Russia

Since 2013, Tomaso has gained expertise at a variety of logistics companies, managing tender analysis or operations at a large warehouse. His Master’s Degree in Transport Infrastructure from Politecnico di Milano set him up for success, and today his combined experience provides the backdrop for developing the right products for the FMIC Shipper Consortium. 

Tomaso is extremely passionate about product development and the sales process. Contact him for more information.

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