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Manage your cash flow with freight factoring

  • Trusted factoring through Triumph Business Capital
  • Fuel advances for a flat fee
  • Built for small businesses
  • No new debts

Triumph Business Capital

DAT's factoring partner

What is Freight Factoring?

  • The time value of money: Fast payout of invoice minus a percentage for the factoring service
  • Avoid debt: New companies avoid new short-term loans
  • Cash flow: You get cash on hand to cover any emergencies
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How Can I Use It?

  • DAT partners with Triumph Business Capital to give you both freight-finding and factoring services
  • Any load on DAT load boards with a green checkmark can be factored through Triumph
  • It only takes one phone call to get paid right away
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Start Factoring Loads

Register with Triumph Business Capital and get paid faster. They'll pay you for your freight invoice within 24 hours. Call 866.638.8700 for more info.