Know What Other Carriers Are Getting Paid

  • Rates based on actual carrier payments; updated daily
  • $110 billion rates database based on carrier payments, not bids
  • Compare spot and contract freight rates on 65,000 lanes
  • 13-month rate histories show seasonal changes

Better Tools for Better Business Decisions

  • Auto-suggestions for higher-paying routes with DAT TriHaul
  • Multi-lane reports for RFP bids
  • Based on zip codes and key market areas, not a geographic radius that collects bad data
  • See current market rate, even if the broker doesn't post the rate
Rateview Trihaul Screenshot

Stay Ahead of the Competition

  • Market Conditions map shows where the freight and competition are
  • Benchmark your contract rates against the prevailing market prices
  • Anticipate price changes before they happen
  • Freight rates for vans, reefer, flatbed, intermodal
Hot Market Map Screenshot