Know What Brokers Pay for Trucks in Your Lanes

  • Know market rates before you negotiate
  • Truckload rates based on $110 billion in REAL transactions
  • 13-month histories on more than 65,000 lanes
  • Prices updated daily with algorithms that ensure accuracy
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Accurate, Reliable, Timely Truckload Rates

  • Rates based on actual invoices, not bids or asking prices
  • Pinpoint rates by 3-digit ZIP code, metro market, and region
  • Compare spot market, contract and intermodal rates
  • Benchmark your rates against the marketplace
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The Best Analytics Tools for Better Business Decisions

  • Market Conditions map shows loads vs. trucks each business day, week, month
  • Rate calculator for pricing, margin, etc.
  • Multi-lane lookups for RFPs
  • Benchmark your contract and spot rates against the prevailing market prices
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