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Report Non-Payment of a Freight Bill

If you have not received payment for a contracted freight bill, we encourage you to contact Debt Recovery Resources. Debt Recovery Resources provides its clients with individualized, cost-effective collection solutions. They have a fine-tuned collection process and have coupled it with some of the most experienced collection staff in the industry.

If you would like us to be aware of the situation, fill out the form on this page and provide supporting documentation.

Report a Criminal Offense

If you believe a DAT customer has acted illegally (stolen freight, identity theft, fraud) we urge you to contact the police and/or FBI and then fill out this report for our records. Submitting this form enables us to investigate the situation and track the issue. You'll need to gather your paperwork related to the transaction (bill of lading, onboard packet, rate confirmation, contract, and any other supporting documentation) and attach your supporting documents to the form.

Note: DAT is not a credit reporting or collection agency. Information in our files merely reflects what a customer has supplied to us. We strongly encourage you to confirm critical information prior to completing each business transaction.

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We are always here to help so if you'd like to speak to our Compliance Department, please call 800-547-5417 or email us at

Thank you for helping us keep DAT Load Boards free from misuse and non-compliancy. We work hard to make all experiences with our products hassle-free

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Reporting Non-Payment or Malicious Intent
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